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SAKK-Gilead Expanding Horizons Award | GileadPro

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An SAKK-Gilead award for continuous education

In the fast-evolving field of oncology, the ongoing advancement of professional knowledge and competence is crucial to maintain and advance high-quality patient care in Switzerland. In 2022, Gilead thus partnered with SAKK to set up the award “Expanding Horizons in Oncology”, in an effort to support continuous education in this field.

The award is endowed with a total of 40’000 CHF and granted annually to one or more continuous education projects of applicants who are employed at a Swiss healthcare institution and work in the field of oncology.

We believe that applicants know best how to advance their knowledge in the field and thus encourage them to outline projects that they believe are best suited for professional development. As such, a broad range of different project types may be submitted, including but not limited to coaching, ongoing learning, international training visits or digital forms of education or training.

All proposals are evaluated by an independent Jury set up by SAKK.

In its first Edition 2022, Dr. med. Vérène Dougoud (H-FR) and PD Dr. Marcus Vetter (KSBL) received the “Expanding Horizons in Oncology Award” for their project “Swiss Geriatric Cancer Academy”. In the 2023 Edition, Prof. Christian Fankhauser (LUKS) has been awarded for his innovative concept "Implementing Entrusted Professional Activities (EPAs) in Urooncology: Advancing Resident Training through the "prEPAred" Mobile Application".

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Details about the award and the application process can be found in the brochure.

Applications should be sent to [email protected]. Deadline for applications is April 30, 2024

CH-UNB-0646, 01/24