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Future Day 2022 | GileadPro

A full day of creativity, joy and discovery

For the first time, Gilead Switzerland opened its doors to schoolkids on November 12, 2022 as part of the National Future Day. Our three special guests got a taste of the professional world and learned about everyday working life in a pharmaceutical company.

After a short welcome and an office tour, different team members presented Gilead Switzerland and its role as a pharmaceutical company. As a quick introduction to the interactive part, cancer in general and its development was briefly explained to them, so that they had an appropriate level of knowledge to develop their first treatment together, which was successfully presented during a conversation between our real sales representative and our fictive physician.

Since the kids showed great engagement and interests that day, we already plan to re-offer this opportunity in 2023.

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CH-UNB-0403, 12/22